About Us

MARCO'S STORY: After ten years working for an Italian transportation company I had an opportunity to change my life and make my dream come true. Years ago on a trip to Micronesia I discovered the magic and purity of pearls in their natural habitat, a true treasure in no mans land. I have never lost that image. I needed adventure, to explore, to travel and expand my horizons. In 1991 I dedicated my life to pearls. I left for French Polynesia to be surrounded by beautiful shells, amazing treasures were there to be discovered though in pretty rough waters! I travelled on the merchant ships that connect the innumerable Archipelago islands.

Without a precise destination I explored 12 different atolls. I visited pearl farms trying to understand and develop my knowledge, unfortunately without much success. I was completely confused the same question kept giving me several answers and after many months I was still at the point where I started. This really was a strange and new world. I travelled by fishing boats that were more like floats than boats and it was very risky, I almost capsized twice.

Polynesians are excellent mariners but totally imprudent. Many times I crossed long distances of ocean, navigating for days from one atoll to another in little boats with only one engine and often without a radio. When I wasn't at sea I slept in a tent, but certain islands had swarms of microscopic insects the nou-nou, that were very aggressive and forced me to immerse myself in water up to my chin, so no sleep for days. After a few months exploring and researching I arrived at South Tuamotu Atoll and my luck changed. I met Sadao Ishibashi, apparently the best "griffeur" in all Polynesia according to the books I had read on the subject. The "griffeur" nests the little mother of pearl nuclei around which the mollusc grows the pearl over a period of two years, if all goes well. In the last 15 years he has "operated" on more than a million molluscs. Due to his magic touch he has a high percentage of successful implants.

I entered his world; he introduced me to the merchants of the black pearl and the best contacts in Polynesian farms. I was closing in on my treasure; my strong emotions overrode any fear of sharks. Finally I could fish my first pearls with my own hands; my future had started. From the atolls, Ishibashi and I went to Indonesia, Australia, Thailand, Philippines, Japan and China in search of new contacts, new farms, new pearls and new emotions. It was no longer a strange world but an exciting new one. My life had changed. From Sharks Bay to Pirates Coast, from the enchanting Polynesian lagoons to Ago Bay, I covered long and fantastic distances. Mother of Pearl is a natural product mainly used in jewellery, fashion, interior design and arts and craft. Thanks to his knowledge of this material, acquired in years of collection and treatment of the most precious shells of world.

INTERNITALIANI: Internitaliani will introduce you to the amazing world of precious materials such as Mother of Pearl, Corals, Labradorite, Jaspers, Feldspars, Fossil Wood, Ammonites, Malachite, Quartz, Agate. In our laboratories in Madagascar and Indonesia, one hundred artisans work to produce a wide range of tiles, luxury coverings, furniture and home accessories. Our craftsmen and upholsterers pay outstanding attention to details, offering a superb range of handmade tiles and finished pieces. Handmade mosaic cut and assembling, manual polishing to ensure maximum brightness and iridescence Top Table Slabs, Wash Basins, Trays, Stools Side Table, Armchairs, Pouf, Throne, Sofas, Chairs, Dinner tables, Coffee Tables and Consoles. Be marvelled by our exquisite range of home accessories, such as: Bowls, Vases, Boxes, Picture Frames and many more products.